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     Check out our up and coming shory Russell aka Russell Terrier pups and young adults
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Welcome to the short legged Russells of Falling Branch Terriers
Welcome to the home of Falling Branch Russell Terriers .... the short ones.

What is a Russell Terrier: Throughout the rest of the kennel club world in Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, this breed is known as the Jack Russell Terrier. In the US it is known as the Russell Terrier both in the AKC and in the UKC. Although the country of origin of this little terrier is England, Australia was the first country to officially recognize and register the 10" to 12" shorter, more rectangular Jack Russell Terrier. Kudos to all of the dedicated Australian breeders for recognizing the distinctive qualities in the Jack Russell Terrier and for nurturing, developing and promoting the breed.

There is so much confusion among the general public regarding the difference between a Parson Russell and a Jack Russell or Russell Terrier. Although the two breeds are reputed to have historically originated in England from the working kennel of the Reverand John Russell, after Russell's death, two distinct varieties emerged with differences mainly in height and in proportion. The Parson Russell Terrier is a taller, leggier terrier that appears approximately square standing between 12" and 15" at the withers. The Jack Russell Terrier, or Russell Terrier as he is known in the United States, stands between 10" and 12" and is slightly longer than he is tall, giving an overall rectangular appearance. His depth of body from withers to brisket is equal to the length of his leg from the elbow to the ground. But whether one is looking at a Parson Russell or a Russell Terrier, the legs must be as straight as an arrow.

The Jack Russell/Russell Terrier is NOT an American invention. Do not be fooled by those who do not register with world wide recognized registries such as the American Kennel Club and United Kennel Club.

Our goals: At Falling Branch, we are dedicated to showing and breeding showing the same outstanding quality Russell Terrier/Jack Russell Terrier that we have been breeding in the Parson Russell Terrier world and prior to that in the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America. We have searched the world for the very best quality Jack Russell Terriers to add to our own long standing bloodlines. Our search led us to terriers of bloodlines directly from the country of development and to breeders whose ethics and philosophy parallel our own--those who are known for subscribing to a tradition of excellence. It is the best of the Australian Jack Russell bloodlines that we are proud to add to our breeding program.

Our terriers do not just have a few generations of kennel club registered ancestors. Instead, we can trace our terriers pedigrees back for 8, 10, 12 and more generations. They do not come from recently developed shorties, but rather carry numerous generations of documented, registered, champion ancestors from Australia, the country of development, and England, the country of origin. There is no shortcut to breeding dogs of exceptional quality with generations of champions in their pedigrees and are healthy, temperamentally sound dogs that make loving pets as well as top show dogs. Blood tells, and extensive pedigrees of proven quality insures that we are producing pups of notable, long-standing heritage.

At Falling Branch, our Russell Terriers are BAER normal and annually CERF clear. Patellas and hips are checked, annual thyroid panels performed and cardiac functions checked. A healthy Russell Terrier is of paramount importance to us! Our Russell Terriers are first and foremost our cherished companions and friends that share our lives, our homes and our hearts.

We are located in the heart of the Blue Ridge mountains in southwestern Virginia. Feel free to e-mail, phone or just drop by and get to know our Russell Terriers. We will be delighted to help you learn about this wonderful little terrier.

What a Russell Terrier is NOT: Some people mistake the shorter legged Jack Russell Terrier aka Russell Terrier to be a terrier with Queen Anne legs, very short legs and very long back. This couldn't be more incorrect. This breed is NOT what is known as a pud or pudding or Pudding Jack Russell Terrier. A "pud" or "pudding" is NOT a Russell Terrier. A benched legged dog is NOT a Russell Terrier. A little terrier with pricked ears is NOT a Russell Terrier. A shortie under 10" is NOT a Russell Terrier. A pup that comes from under 10" parents or ancestors with bent/crooked/benched legs or priced ears does NOT come from quality Russell Terrier breeding stock. Do NOT be fooled into paying a large price for a pup from parents like the above.

Many people in America call these little dogs shorties or shorty Russells. Both the FCI and Australian breed standard calls for a dog SLIGHTLY longer in body than he is tall. A Russell Terrier that is 2 inches longer or more than he is tall is incorrect, not desirable and is a fault. A Russell Terrier with VERY short, stubby legs is also incorrect, a fault and not desirable. Any deviation from an arrow-straight leg is a fault. Not only is a bent leg a fault, but it is a genetic disorder and unhealthy. A benched leg or crooked leg is termed achondroplastic and is a sign of dwarfism.

If you want a real short legged Russell called the Russell Terrier then please learn what this breed is and what it is NOT. The Russell Terrier has a breed standard just like every other breed in the world. Please go to our link above to the right titled The Breed and read the internationally accepted history and breed standard for the Russell Terrier. If you want a Russell Terrier then make sure both parents are AKC FSS registered and that the puppy you buy also has AKC registration papers. Accept no less!

Which U.S. Kennel Club Registries recognize the Russell Terrier: The UKC first recognized and registered the short Jack Russell Terrier aka Russell Terrier on January 1, 2001, with the internationally accepted FCI breed standard. The UKC wisely changed the name of the breed to its proper, internationally accepted name of "Jack Russell Terrier" on January 1, 2009. The AKC began to include the Russell Terrier aka short legged Jack Russell Terrier into the Foundation Stock Service (FSS) in January 2006. The breed advanced quickly and entered full registration in the Terrier Group the end of June 2012. Our own Jack Russell Terriers/Russell Terriers are both UKC and AKC registered, and all of our foundation adults come from ANKC registered Jack Russell Terriers.

We owner-handle our Russell Terriers/Jack Russell Terriers to their AKC championships.
Unless there is a reason we can't go to a show that we've entered, we show our own dogs to their championships, and believe this is a sport that we participate in WITH our dogs as partners. We also help other amateur-owners finish the championships on their dogs. We support amateurs helping other amateurs for the love of the breed and the love of the sport. We also recognize that there are some outstanding professional handlers who are willing to help owner-handlers fine tune their skills. We highly recommend studying these skilled professionals. In addition, we encourage owner-handlers to attend handling seminars to soak up every bit of information they possibly can. These men and women who are so generous with their knowledge benefit the entire sport.

We want to thank the wonderful breeders that we co-own many of our Russell Terriers with. Co-ownership with someone who is knowledgeable, professional and HONEST benefits everyone involved. It makes it possible to keep a "larger gene pool" and to give each dog the attention and love they deserve. The old saying "two heads is better than one" definitely applies to dog breeding and showing. And let's face it, no one operates in a vacuum. Sharing bloodlines, ideas and success, the laughter, the smiles and the tears is so much more rewarding than doing it by yourself.

And so when you look through our pages, you will find that most of our terriers are co-owned. Consequently, our dogs' achievements are the product of more than just one or two individuals. The total success and the enjoyment in breeding quality dogs is much greater than just the sum of the parts! A heartfelt thank you to all who are a part of Falling Branch.

News Flash!

December 2011 Eukanuba Invitational Classic, Orlando, FL:
Winterbourne Irish Dream (aka Casey) bred by Annette Scott in Australia,

was awarded Best of Opposite Sex in the Jack Russell/Russell Terrier competetion. Casey, coming 7 years of age, was owner handled and showed like the professional she is.

Where to learn more about the FCI Jack Russell Terrier known in the AKC as the Russell Terrier: If you are interested in this charming breed with all its spunk and fire and its long heritage as a working terrier please browse through our website. Read the breed standard and take a look at the photos of our Russell Terriers and of some of their ancestors. Check back here to see Mrs. Rita Francis-Little's Illustrated Breed Standard on the short Jack Russell Terrier. We consider this the only complete, accurate and extraordinarily professional work to date on the breed.

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